Crown Carbon Crafting

350Z +15mm Rear Over Fenders

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Crown Carbon Crafting

350Z +15mm Rear Fenders - Available In FiberGlass & Carbon Fiber Options


*Made To Order Product: 1-2 Months Wait After Placing Your Order
Shipping Comes With Tracking Number 


Our FRP parts are made of high quality 3oz chopped mat fiberglass, saturated with poly resin And come in white gel coat finish.
This item will ship within 3-8 week (BUSINESS DAYS) after date of purchase due to high demand.


Our CCC Carbon fiber/Kevlar parts are hand crafted using only the finest composite materials available to us. Our vacuum infusion process uses a single mold vacuum to produce parts that are 10-20% lighter than your typical hand laid composites, while improving durability and flexibility. We use a UV protectant clear coat finish, on all our carbon/Kevlar parts to ensure a high quality finish. These products are intended for off road use only unless your local and state laws state other wise.  These parts are made to order and have a 3-8 week turn around time.